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We are a growing LED Lighting company established in 2011, specialized in providing LED lighting products that will most certainly meet all your needs.

We at Radiance are dedicated to providing products and services which make it easy for the customer to choose, install, and maintain good quality & energy efficient lighting.

Whether you’re renovating your house, lighting up your warehouse, bringing life to your garden, or lighting up pretty much anything, Radiance will inspire you with a variety of lighting fixtures. We at Radiance are great enough to take projects of all sizes, and bright enough to make you feel the same.

Though we offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor lighting, we don’t just sell light! We offer solutions based on your individual requirements and preferences, because after all we aim to keep our customers “delighted”.


Enhanced With Light "Some projects we've proudly lit up"

January 2017

Jeita Street Light Project

We take pride to be contractors with Jeita’s Municipality for their LED street light conversion project. The project includes over 5000 customized LED street lights to be supplied continuously over the given period.
December 2016

Yehia and Zakaria Private Villas

The famous Lebanese Hairdressers Yehia & Zakaria chose us to plan, design, provide, and install the lighting system for the interior and exterior of their project. We also customized certain items to add a unique touch to their place.
September 2016

Voodoo Hotel and Show Club

We worked on converting the lighting in this Hotel to a more efficient energy saving lighting system.
July 2016

Lebanese Swiss Bank

Lebanese Swiss Bank has already made the smart switch to LED lighting, but has picked Radiance Group for the maintenance service that we provide.
June 2016

Zone Gate (Zahle)

Mr. Qaisar Maalouf, Owner of Sea Sweet, chose Radiance Group as the supplier of his new project: Zone Gate Zahle. We are supplying all the outdoor LED fixtures for this project.
April 2016

La Cite\Citirama

You can imagine how essential lighting is in entertainment places! We provided RGB ceramic DMX-controllable spotlights, and DMX-controllable LED strips in the nightclub to create the intended mood, as well as LED COB spotlights, stage lights, stair lights in the theatre.
April 2016

Ahwet El Sitt

If you dine or drink in Ahwet El Sitt, you’ll know how significant lighting is to the mood of a place. We suggested the new LED solution in this project and so we used LED filaments to switch the lighting of this restaurant/café.
March 2015

BACHIR Ice cream

Bachir ice cream is a very well known ice cream chain in Lebanon. We are proud suppliers of all LED fixtures in several of their branches like Hadat, Chiyah, Aley, Saida, and Sour to mention a few.
January 2016

Gefinor Center (Clemenceau)

Represented by Real Estate Development company, Gefinor center; a commercial and retail business hub, has been equipped by over than 7000 pieces of LED fluorescent, LED filaments, decorative lights, and lighting fixtures to switch the entire lighting of the center from conventional lighting to LED lighting.
November 2015

Mr. Jabbour Private Villa

Owner of Al-Handasa Contracting Company, Mr. Jabbour, chose Radiance Group to provide the lighting plan and fixtures for his private villa located in Dhour Shweir. We used fence lights, bollards, wall lights, in-ground lights, and spike lights to create the perfect lighting design and ambiance.
July 2015

Hashem’s Private Farm

In this project Radiance Group provided the lighting design and lighting fixtures for a 30.000 m2 farm in Iaat, Bekaa. Radiance provided all the suitable lighting needed to create depth and ambiance to the designated space. Bollards, garden lamps, spike lights, pool lighting, and in-ground lights were all used to transform the farm into a lively place.
March 2015

Super market Al Nakheel

Places with huge energy consumption levels can really cut-down on costs when converting to led lights. Al-Nakheel Supermarket located in Maaroob south Lebanon did that smart shift by replacing the old fashioned fluorescent by the new surface mounted 30w super bright panels from “Radiance”.
Feb 2015

Capsurville Country Club

We felt honored when capsurville country club Dekweneh approached us for lighting advise for their fitness club. “Radiance” suggested the high power 30w ultra slim panel light to fully light the gym . When you work out , you want to see the results in “perfect light” don’t you?
December 2014

CCIA Beirut

Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture (Beirut): We had the opportunity to be consulted by CCIA and then we provided the outdoor lighting. We were asked for a glowy ambience on the exterior walls of the building. We Fulfilled their requirement with our led COB flood lights.
August 2014

Private residence (Hazmieh)

As people are becoming more aware of the efficiency of led lighting, more people are converting to led allowing us to apply creative lighting approaches. BND interiors, the well reputed interior designers, trusted our lighting expertise to provide & install all lighting fixtures to bring the apartment to life.
May 2014

Private residence (Bir hasan)

The new trend in indoor lighting involves both direct & indirect lighting, along with application of pendants & wall lights which really add up to the beauty of a place. All this was applied at a residential apartment in Bir Hasan to create the perfect house lighting from A-Z with attention to the smallest things as undercabinet lighting & closet lighting
Nov 2013

Assaha 2 Hotel

After providing the indoor lighting fixtures needed in hotel Assaha 1 , the people in charge, were satisfied with the quality and the illuminating effect of our products , so we had the opportunity & honor to provide our lighting touch for hotel Assaha 2.
July 2013

Assaha 1 Hotel

Among the services of Assaha, a Lebanese traditional village built into historical architecture, is a 5 star hotel consisting of 76 rooms which were all lit up by products from “Radiance” . Not only the rooms, but all indoor lighting of Assaha hotel was provided by us.
April 2013

Sanabel Bldg

In April 2013, we were approached by Sanabel building (Haret Hreik) which is under Al-Mabarrat Charitable Association in order to offer indoor lighting, hence indoor lighting fixtures were provided by “Radiance” to brighten up the entire place.
February 2013

Turquoise Beach & Resort

Turquoise is a 20,000m2 premiere beach resort in Kolayle, the beautiful sun-kissed beach next to Tyre . We at Radiance are proud to have provided & installed all the lighting at the resort to set the relaxed summer mood & make the view you were enjoying even better. Whether you’re relaxing, swimming or just layed back in your bungalow, the lighting provided flows perfectly with the environment.
November 2012

Jawad Private Castle

Fascinated by the majestic medittrenean castles, the owner of a castle-inspired villa located in Berish, wanted to show off his place by light in a way that matches the theme. After knowing our client’s requirements, “Radiance” provided & installed all led lighting fixtures needed to enhance the whole setting with the proper light. Indoor lighting which was both bright & decorative along with outdoor lighting which perfectly shimmered on the stone walls combined in perfect harmony to fulfill the spirit of the place

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We are a growing LED Lighting company established in 2011, specialized in providing LED lighting products that will most certainly meet all your needs.

We at Radiance are dedicated to providing products and services which make it easy for the customer to choose, install, and ...

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