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Lighting Moods

You know that situation when you decide you want to go out for dinner and then fall into the circle of deciding where you want go? Sometimes you feel like you want to relax at a cozy place, sometimes you want to get the energy buzz of a loud place of your choice, and sometimes you want to have a romantic dinner at the most romantic place in town. Well, whether you know notice it or not, one thing that truly affects your decision is lighting.


Lighting is one of the most important elements of a restaurant’s design. Among its other functions, lighting creates an atmosphere for entertaining, and helps in achieving the overall spirit of the place.

When lighting up a restaurant you want to keep in mind two principles which are atmosphere and zoning. You want to create a sense of privacy and at the same time give enough light for people to be able to read their menus and see each other! You want service areas to be perfectly lit in order for people to comfortably perform their tasks, and want your walk zones to be lit enough for people to watch their footsteps. You can use integrated lighting below bars for an interesting spark as well. Above all, you want your restaurant’s interior decoration to be unique and you kind of want to create your own theme.

Modern LED lighting systems offer a range of lighting scenarios and several colors to choose from. From white to warm white or daylight, to the delightful multicolored strip LEDs, you have a variety to choose from. I can only imagine a romantic restaurant with low warm white light, or maybe a glow of red light to compliment the red candles on the table. However, I can only imagine a jump-and-grab-a-sandwich restaurant with a bright daylight color tone. Again, it all depends on the place and its spirit.

Below are a few collected images on how lighting can be used in restaurants.


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